Exit alarm board


PCB only for the Alarm Kits prior to June 11th, 2012 is part #650335 and was used in the older 17 & 18 devices, 19, & pre June 2012 24/25's.
This circuit board will NOT work on the updated 24/25 Alarm Kits that released June 11th, 2012.
Fire alarm contact would tie right into the Von Duprin Chexit device not to the PS914 power supply. There is no requirement to install the fire alarm board.
When the new PS900 series power supplies were created we did not pursue a version of these option boards.  Need to discuss the specific hardware they are using and requirements to determine the app...
 The Basic PS914 power supply will not accept a 900-FA fire alarm board. 900-8F option board is required with PS914 power supply to accept 900-FA fire alarm board (900-8F is an adaptor board for...
The Von Duprin exit alarm ALK shipped after November 2010 are new style boards and can be identified by the 3 terminal blocks and LED.  Only these ALK will work with 24vdc power supply.
To keep the Von Duprin electric latch retraction EL or QELA exit device dogged (retracted) all day, have your access control, Key pad, key switch, fire alarm contact or any other signals ...
No, the exit alarm ALK printed circuit board has been always green.
If the green terminal block has been broken off of the exit alarm ALK you must replace the exit alarm ALK PC board part number 101030-00.
The part number for Von Duprin exit alarm ALK board is 101030-00.
If the spring on the Von Duprin exit alarm ALK board is not located correctly as shown on the instructions, then the vibration from the horn allows the cylinder to turn and shut the exit alarm ALK ...