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The new motor driven ND electrified locks shipped after March 14, 2016 do not require a solenoid. The Schlage ND-Series electrified locks shipped prior to March 14, 2016 would have used a...
The attached table shows the part numbers for LX-RX and LX-RX-LC switches field installed.
The Von Duprin EL option can be added to any existing 33A/35A, 98/99 series exit devices. 
Yes, part numbers for Falcon electric latch retraction EL conversion kits are as follows: 650147 for a 3' device. 650148 for a 4' device. 
HD-EL conversion kit for 3 feet exit device is 050384-00 and for 4 feet is 050385-00.
Products shipped on or after August 8, 2012 no longer require the EL wiring adaptor.
  The part number for EL wiring adaptor is 44486876-00.  The part number contains two adaptors.
The part number for the solenoid for the 1690/1790/2390 is 971687-00 and for the 1490/1590 is SOLENOID.142 (which is 971687-00 with a machined bracket).  The solenoid characteristics are the s...