el lever with mlr panic, can work?


The 8200 can not supply the power needed on an EL dev ice. The EL device requires a Von Duprin PS914-2RS or PS914-4RL power supply or the older Von Duprin PS873-2 or PS873-4TD models.
If your Von Duprin EL (solenoid) device pulls and releases quickly instead of holding the latch retracted, please check all of the items below.In most cases, one or more of these solutions will r...
Levers may sag due to an incorrectly installed springcage or an incorrect springcage.Mortise locks with a fixed (rigid) lever such as an L9080 will use a spacer on the rigid lever (outside) and a s...
EL is Electric latch retraction and retract the latch bolt into the exit device center case.  E references the electric unlocking of the Pull Side trim for a Panic Device.   With the E function, th...
Application is based on how the door will be used.   Please contact Product Support at 877-671-7011 to discuss your application and select the correct device for your opening.
It can but the solenoid will need to be purchased through New England Door Closer as the factory discontinued the old ELR solenoid (part #650092-000) in June 2010.