EL exit deivce


The EL (Electrified) option is available with Von Duprin XP98/99 exit devices. To order, specify ELXP98/99 with proper trim.
Following could cause the EL device to pull and drop repeatedly.  Short to ground  on EL wiring.  Incorrect wire gauge used.  For wire run and gauge requirements, click HERE  Wrong power suppl...
There is no EL conversion kit for a 2390, the device will need to be replaced.
The EL exit device connects to the O1 and GND, or O2 and GND of the 900-2RS board.
See attached instruction. PS914 Installation Instructions
The conversion kit does not contain a new mechanism case cover plate.  If a cover plate is desired, you would need the Fire or Less Dogging Cover Plate for EL/QEL conversion kit and Panic cove...
This is available.  You will need the SD center case kit, SD center case cover, SD cylinder dog housing, and EL/QEL conversion kit.
If your Von Duprin EL (solenoid) device pulls and releases quickly instead of holding the latch retracted, please check all of the items below.In most cases, one or more of these solutions will r...
SD is Special cylinder dogging in the center case of 98/99 rim and vertical rod non fire rated devices and is available with standard, EL, QEL, CX and ALK.