drop plate screw


The 4040 Rw/PA can be mounted 3 different ways. The 4040-18 drop plate is used for the regular pull side mount. The 4040-18TJ drop plate is used for the top jamb push side mount. The 4040-18P...
The 4110-18, and 4110-18 CUSH  drop plates are identical. The difference between a 4110 EDA, and a 4110 CUSH is the templating on the door. That is why you order them differently, to...
Top Rail, Narrow Top Rail, Narrow Face Frame, Flush Ceiling
US 8-32 X 1/4 Inch length Phillips head. The same size can be used for a Torx/Security screw.
Top Jamb Mout, -18G, Drop Plate, Drop Plate