driver for nd fsic


On ND-series locks manufactured on or after January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number is 03-232.  You will need to specify the design and finish.
On ND Series locks manufactuered prior to January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number was 03-032.  
Schlage ND-Series tailpieces for extended doors are available by only two means, but are not available to order separately.   If an extended tailpiece is needed, then a complete lock ...
The new AL FSIC driver part number is A700-052.  This driver snaps onto the back of the core similar to the ND, as opposed to it being assembled into the lock chassis with a retaining ring.  Th...
There are several part numbers available: Part Number Contents 09-774 SFIC driver & Spacer N523-091 SFIC driver D500-000 Spacer
The ND-Series FSIC driver is part number N523-127.