doromatic exit device parts manual


The part number for 1690/1790 hex dogging shaft is shaft.101
Falcon (19. 24, 25, and XX) parts manuals for Exits are downloadable on the 
Please see the Maintenance Kit Manual for information on device lubrication as well as complete breakdowns and parts lists for Von Duprin exit devices.Exit devices and latc...
The part number for the solenoid for the 1690/1790/2390 is 971687-00 and for the 1490/1590 is SOLENOID.142 (which is 971687-00 with a machined bracket).  The solenoid characteristics are the s...
Yes, the 990 is the direct replacement for the 1990 devices.
The Dor-O-Matic overhead concealed manual door closers have been obsolete since 1999, and there are no parts available for them.