Does von duprin make electric strike for exterior use


Electric strikes are not water proof an not recommended for exterior application especially gates.
The 6111 electric strike would work in this application with a blade stop spacer. The post that it is mounted in should be capped to protect the solenoid from the elements..
Though not designed for use in exterior applications, the 6111 electric strike will function with the 98/9952 series exit device.  Depending on the construction of the gate post, a blade sto...
The 22, 33/35A and 98/99 rim exit devices: The 6111 is the most common electric strike to be used with these devices 6112 and 6113 electric strikes also could be used The 6300 surface mount el...
Aluminum mullions 5654 or 5754 are not designed to accept any electric strike including 6300 surface mounted electric strike.
The 6111 electric strike can be used only on non rated openings less bottom rod with pullman top latch (use ES prefix when ordering device). Device back set will change to match the centerline of t...
Not for use in fire rated openings.
Von Duprin 6223 electric strike is the most common closed back strike or the 6221 for open back strike on inactive leaf that can be used with Schlage L9000 or Von Duprin 7500 mortise lock.
Option boards are not required with PS900 series power supplies when using electric strikes. See the list of options below. The PS902 would power up to 5 electric strikes at 24VDC or&n...
The following application information apply to the 5100 electric strike: Can only be used on a single door with a cylindrical lock Can not be used on a pair of doors Can not be used on a mullion