does Von Duprin make an explosion proof electric strike


The strike will always be DC.  By using a SO24 or SO12(rectifiers) you will be able to convert the AC waveform from a transformer to a DC waveform that will be acceptable by the 6000 series strikes.
The Von Duprin Pneumatic PN98/99 series exit devices feature provides remote latch bolt retraction in hazardous areas where electrically operated devices would not be permitted.
The Von Duprin Pneumatic or "PN" device was designed for Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1 applications.The device does not have a specific listing or certification pertaining to hazardous loc...
Exit alarm ALK devices are not recommended for exterior application. We do not offer water proof exit alarm ALK devices.
Electric strikes are not water proof an not recommended for exterior application especially gates.
No, due to the gate and backbox not being able to be sealed to keep water out of the electric strike a weather proof version is not available.
Von Duprin surface mounted 6300 electric strike paper template and installation instruction are provided with the electric strike. See attached
The Schlage ES-6400 Electric Strike has been rebranded to Von Duprin 6400 Series Electric Strike, making Allegion’s full electric strike portfolio Von Duprin branded.  All product featu...
Information available at: Overview, Features and Benefits, Technical Specifications, Wi...