does von duprin devices come with push sticker?


The part number depends on the handing and finish of the device:  RHR, US28 is #4270107321  LHR, US28 is #4270107323  RHR, DC13/DC35 is #4270107320  LHR, DC13/DC35 is #4270107322.
The push bar end cap is only included in the push bar replacement/retrofit kit (PBKIT) because the end caps are riveted to the push bar.   
How to order:  specify devise type, size, and finish.  Example: PBKIT 33A 3' US28
All Senior Swing models are heavy duty operators and have the Push-N-Go (PNG) feature.  This feature is a programmable function in the control module.  The PNG settings are: Off, On, or FD (fixed)...
You cannot lock the push side of the exit device as a panic device by design must allow exit.  Any attempt to block an exit is forbidden by code.
If the Chexit device shipped prior to 8-24-2015  is not adjusted correctly ( Check vertical rod or Mortise finger) without using the door position switch and nuisance delay is&n...
The following may cause the ALK to go into alarm: Make sure red and blue wires on the RX switch are connected to the exit alarm ALK terminal block and yellow wire is taped off. Check the red an...