Does LCN have any high energy operators


Power Operator, Astro Swing
Automatic Operator, Auto Operator, Power Operator
high energy operator, Rail
The 4600 Series operator does not have a Push N Go feature. The LCN operators with a Push N Go feature are the Senior Swing, Benchmark, and the Falcon 8200 series.
All Senior Swing models are heavy duty operators and have the Push-N-Go (PNG) feature.  This feature is a programmable function in the control module.  The PNG settings are: Off, On, or FD (fixed)...
The "common" of all the actuator switches will connect to terminal 10. The N.O. (normally open contact) will connect to Terminal 5, 6, 7 or 8 depending on which control box is used and the function...
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LCN does not does not have or supply any information for the old (obsolete) "High Energy" Dor-O-Matic Sliding doors, Bi-Fold doors or Astro Swing doors. You MUST be AAADM certified to work on, or g...