discontinue D series


Falcon Monarch XX series trims will work with Monarch 18 series exit devices.
The D lever was discontinued in October 2003 and there are no parts available.
See letter excerpt below.  Parts are no longer available.Effective June 30, 2000 Schlage Commercial is announcing the obsolescence of the ME-Series and ULTIMA 505 bright brass finish option fo...
The ME trim was discontinued in 2001 and no longer available.
Available: Georgian, Plymouth, Tulip, Orbit, Levon (lever)
Discontinued: Bell, Claremont, Crown, Hanover, Lotus, Luna, Magnolia, Meteor, Novo, Saturn, Water Lily, Woodside.
The 330 closer and parts were discontinued in early 2009. LCN does not have any parts available for the 330 series closer. The LCN 3030 Series would be the comparable closer replacement to the...
Falcon replaced its deadbolt offering in 2008 with the D100 and D200 series.  The D800 Grade 2 deadbolt was replaced by the D200 and the D400 Grade 1 deadbolt was replaced by the D100.   The new bo...
  Part compatibility (Old vs new): With the exception of the cylinder, most of the parts are neither backward nor forward compatible.  This includes the deadbolt. The cylinder mechanism for al...
The BC100 series product line was discontinued on 9/14/2007 and replaced by the B500 series.
The old D series lever lock was replaced by the ND lock in September 2003.