difference between square bolt and rim


We used to offer a E99 rim device where there was a solenoid to lock or unlock the lever or thumbpiece trim on the back side of the center case of the 98/99 device.  When we created the E996L trim ...
The Von Duprin 1439 strike is designed to be used on a blade stop frame and is 1/2" in height.  The 299 strike is normally used on the stop of a frame and is 13/16" in height.  
NON Fire Rated doors would use the 1609 strike applied to the inactive leaf with flushbolts.  This may NOT be used on Fire Rated openings.
The bolts used in these products are similar except for bolt material. B500 and D200 - Zinc bolt D100 - Steel bolt
LR is the regular/ standard latch and PL is Pullman/ES (Electric Strike) latch for the Von Duprin 8827 exit device.
 ES (electric strike) latch is only used with the 8827 less bottom rod on a non fire rated exit device with a 6111 electric strike.
The 33A/35A/98/9947 will work on doors with a maximum undercut of 1/4"  and the 33A/35A/98/9948 will work with a undercut over 1/4" and up to 3/4". The 47 top and bottom latches throw 5/8" and th...
The following list explains the differences between the Von Duprin 47 and 48 latch assemblies. The 47 top and bottom latches have 5/8" throw latchbolts. The 48 top and bottom latches have 3/4" ...