difference between rim and mortise


We used to offer a E99 rim device where there was a solenoid to lock or unlock the lever or thumbpiece trim on the back side of the center case of the 98/99 device.  When we created the E996L trim ...
The 93 style lever was discontinued in the third quarter of 2009. If replacing the 93 lever the closest design is the 03 lever.  
The differences in the levers are: The 93 used a conical bushing as the diameter was smaller than the 03 lever and was manufactured from bar stock The 03 uses a straight bushing and is cast Le...
Here are some of the major differences between the M and MA-Series.  Lever mounting post holes -  Locations have changed on door template.  (12 and 6 o'clock for M lock, MA lock is approx 1 and...
The Von Duprin 1439 strike is designed to be used on a blade stop frame and is 1/2" in height.  The 299 strike is normally used on the stop of a frame and is 13/16" in height.  
A 1-1/8 through 1-1/2" mortise cylinder with straight cam per Step 4 of 512NL Instructions.
The "500" Series trim in general (510L, 511L, 512's, & 513K) will work with all 25 series devices and are not device specific.
See descriptions for the 09-992 thru 09-997 parts kits for modular mortise cylinders.  The 09-998 is a kit for a rim cylinder.      
Unless otherwise specified on an order, the cam supplied on Falcon mortise cylinders will be the following: Non-IC mortise cylinder is the 5622-STD. IC mortise cylinder is the 5622-IC. Related...
Cams for other applications may be specified with no additional charge, see pricebook.