delayed egress controlled egress


One Delayed Egress Controller (DE5101) can run two mag locks on a pair of doors, provided the doors are not controlled independently
The CX (Chexit) is the delayed egress option for the 98/99 series or 33/35A rim device. The device will create a 15 second delay with audible alarm when an unauthorized person tries to ex...
There is no conversion kit for Von Duprin Chexit device.  If delayed egress Chexit device is required, the entire device must be replaced.
No, only via DIP switch 8 and/or the aux input.
The Von Duprin Chexit device will not automatically rearm itself after a fire alarm clears.  After a Fire Alarm has triggered the Von Duprin Chexit device, the device must be manually reset&nb...
The Von Duprin Chexit-BOCA has special software. Following is the function of this software: When Chexit device push bar is pushed and goes into alarm it will release in 15/30 sec...
Click here to watch a brief overview video of Chexit on the Allegion product support YouTube channel.