deep reveal installation


Reveal should not exceed: 6" for the REGULAR ARM 9 3/4" for the LONG ARM
The maximum reveal for an 8200 Falcon Operator is: 8230 (pull side) -- 1/8" 8240 (push side) -- 6"  The Benchmark long rod and shoe (9140-79LR) can be use with the Falcon 8242 for reveal from ...
The "Regular Arm" allows for a reveal up to 4-1/2". The "Long Arm" allows for a reveal between 4-1/2"- 8". ST-3088 is a special "Extra Long Rod" used to mount a 4640 operator on an opening wit...
ST Special Templates
Special Template (ST)
An LCN 4040T with a reveal deeper than 1/8" on the pull side of the opening requires a Double Egress (DE)arm. ST3073 Standard 4040T DE Arm will accommodate reveals up to 2-11/16"....