d series lever discontinued


The old D series lever lock was replaced by the ND lock in September 2003.
Von Duprin does not offer any of the danmark lever designs by Schlage.
The Danmark levers were available in rose trim only.
Falcon is reintroducing the lever return spring for the discontinued Falcon M mortise series.  Effective November 1, 2014 the lever return spring is now available for purchase with a list pric...
AL-Series and discontinued D Lever-Series locks use castle nuts to hold the chassis to the spring cages and to keep the chassis positioned in the door. This causes confusion at times when the lock ...
The AL-Series has four distinguishable parts that can help in lock identification.     1.   The AL-Series will have a castle nut holding the chassis on the ...
The D lever was discontinued in October 2003 and there are no parts available.