cylinder wont stop spinng in exit trim


The 7500 mortise lock should be configured for NL function as shipped not as Classroom. See figure 4-3 in E996L instructions.
Equivalent to the Schlage D series line with a C keyway. Part number 21-002.
We have several blank trims listed in the price book to cover existing trim prep in door.  DEVICE EO TRIM   22  230EO  88  880EO   98/99  990EO or 996EO*  33A/35A Rim, 33/3...
- AD Series and CO series products require that the Night Latch (NL) screw is installed in the exit device.  Be sure this screw is installed- Exit hardware and strike must be properly mounted ...
A double cylinder(-2) option is not available on a Falcon device but is available from Von Duprin.
Von Duprin does not offer any of the danmark lever designs by Schlage.
The AD or CO - 993 is NOT compatible with a Von Duprin 98/99 Concealed Vertical Rod exit device on wood doors.
The Von Duprin 372L & 370L/BE series trims are discontinued and there are no replacement for them.  The new 33A/35A series exit devices use 360L trim. 370/BE trims were used with old style 33/35...