The ND85/AL85/A85 hotel lock is only available in a conventional Key-in-Lever cylinder.  Interchangeable core and Primus are not available with this function. 
A Primus Hotel cylinder (as well as an IC hotel cylinder) is not possible because there isn't enough room inside the cylinder for all of the required components. 
Falcon replaced its deadbolt offering in 2008 with the D100 and D200 series.  The D800 Grade 2 deadbolt was replaced by the D200 and the D400 Grade 1 deadbolt was replaced by the D100.   The new bo...
  Part compatibility (Old vs new): With the exception of the cylinder, most of the parts are neither backward nor forward compatible.  This includes the deadbolt. The cylinder mechanism for al...
The Schlage ND is shipped with a driver/tailpiece when ordered with a LD, BD, or JD suffix.
Medeco does offer a key-in-lever cylinder to fit the Schlage ND. You will need to contact Medeco for the cylinder Specify a key-in-lever cylinder to fit the Schlage ND lo...