CX exit device


The Chexit device has a different base plate and center case than the ALK.  The Chexit device would need to be replaced with an ALK device.
Chexit motor driven devices shipped after 8-24-2015:You can use 1 Chexit device with PS902, 3 Chexit devices with PS904, and 4 Chexit devices with PS914 or PS906 power supplies with proper gau...
The E996L-FSE trim is needed if the application requires fail-secure operation from the trim side of the opening. When power is out on Chexit device, E996L-FSE trim will remain locked to ...
The CX device has an internal RX switch that is wired to the CX circuit board.  This RX switch is not available to outside monitoring and no other RX switches may be added to the CX device.