current lead time for von duprin


The part number for 88 series dogging screw is 090004 (package of two) and 090083(package of ten).
The door template L1 states: "Lead Lining: When L9000-Series or L400-Series locks are ordered with lead lining, add 1/8" to the width of the mortise cut-out on the lock case cover side of installa...
Lead lining is not needed, since the channel or through bolt is solid and the x-rays will not penetrate the solid metal.
QELA is the third generation of the Von Duprin QEL motor that began shipping at the end of 2014.  It is what is currently shipped (as of 2021).  The letter "A" was used to distinguish whi...
The current draw of a Von Duprin exit alarm ALK is .25 amp when alarm is activated.