covers for screw holes


No.  As of June 27th, 2018--- the cover screw is now standard in the screw packs for the 4040XP, 4040XPT, 4000T, and 4040SE so ST-3596 is no longer needed.    
To replace an old 33/3547 exit device with a new 33/3547A exit device the door would need to be modified.  The new device will cover any changes to the door prep.  See attached templates for retrof...
Yes, the holes on the door would be covered up by the 25-R-L device.
The (4) center case mounting holes are in the same location but there are some small modifications that will be needed like the 3/4" dia. hole at device CL for the main cam clearance shown o...
The 1690 device was designed to replace the older 1990 crossbar device & all  holes would be covered or filled in with set screws.
The 4210 and 4110 use the same door closer cylinder body. The 4210 is the security version of the 4110.