concealed vertical rod parts manual


The Von Duprin 1609 cannot be used on a pair of fire rated doors. We recommend using the Von Duprin fire rated mortise exit device in lieu of the rim device such as the Von Duprin 5575-F,...
See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
There are two main differences:The bottom latches are differentThe Von Duprin 98/9947 concealed vertical rod device covers up to 1/4" undercutThe Von Duprin 98/9948 concealed vertical rod device co...
They both use Template # 10320_c
The AD or CO - 993 is NOT compatible with a Von Duprin 98/99 Concealed Vertical Rod exit device on wood doors.
The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.
The 050672 is the part number for rim or vertical rod device and 050673 for the mortise device.
9847-F Series ,9947-F Series, 98/9947WDC-F, 5547-F, 5547WDC-F, 8847-F
47, 5547, 8847, 9447, 9547, 9847, 9947, 3347A, 3547A, 9848, 9948, 9847, 9947, 9847WDC, 9947WDC, 8847-F, 5547, 5547WDC
An exit device with rods concealed in the door and connected to top and bottom latches.
On May 1, 2013 the LM9000 lock series was discontinued and replaced with the LM9300 Multipoint Lock series. See related solution for information on current multipoint offering: What is th...
The Schlage LM9000 Multipoint Solution was a three-point locking assembly that was UL approved to FEMA 361 and FEMA 320 guidelines for outswing doors, and met ANSI ICC 500 for tornad...