Concealed vertical rod latch adjustment


There are two main differences:The bottom latches are differentThe Von Duprin 98/9947 concealed vertical rod device covers up to 1/4" undercutThe Von Duprin 98/9948 concealed vertical rod device co...
They both use Template # 10320_c
An exit device with rods concealed in the door and connected to top and bottom latches.
See the link to a video instruction, Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device Adjustment.Manual steps:Open door and release top latch bolt by inserting a screw driver in the hole at the top of the d...
See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
The Von Duprin 1609 cannot be used on a pair of fire rated doors. We recommend using the Von Duprin fire rated mortise exit device in lieu of the rim device such as the Von Duprin 5575-F,...