clutching on al series?


The AL and A trim is not compatible with each other.
The Schlage Vandlgard option available on select L-Series, LV-Series, and ND-Series and is ideal for areas subject to abuse or anywhere vandalism is likely to be present, such as schools, univ...
Vandlgard is specified by "LV" for mortise locks. The L9000 is a mortise style lock that mounts into a pocket mortised into the edge of the door.Vandlgard is specified by ND9x functions f...
The MA lock does not have Vandlgard or a breakaway trim feature, however, the lever spindle on the MA lock will shear if too much force is applied in order to prevent internal lock damage and resis...
The AL series product line does not use any parts that requires prior knowledge of the door handing.  
The AL series latches are not adjustable.