chexit and qel


You can not use these options together on the same device per the following reasons: QEL/EL device retracts the latch bolt of the exit device allowing entry. CX (Chexit) device ...
SD is Special cylinder dogging in the center case of 98/99 rim and vertical rod non fire rated devices and is available with standard, EL, QEL, CX and ALK.
See below for QEL device requirements: QEL devices shipped prior to 7/23/12 must have the 2Q option board for the communication link between the power supply and the exit device. &nb...
You may have a defective motor bracket, defective base plate or vertical rod could be out of adjustment.
You can use the QEL+ device with 900-2Q option board. The 900-2Q board is obsolete with no stock remaining.