casn i use electric hinge with qel device


The electrified hinge can be used on QEL exit devices.
No, Von Duprin exit alarm ALK and electric latch retraction QEL or EL are installed in the same location and can't be ordered together with the same device.
The 900-2RS is recommended to be used with EL devices but if you have a 900-2Q with PS914 power supply it can be used to operate up to two EL or one EL and one QEL devices .
Product Ordered after 7/10/2012 - Product identified by label on QEL motor You no longer need to use the 900-2Q option board (no longer available) with the PS900 power supplies to ...
Product Ordered before 7/10/2012 - Product identified by no label on QEL motor. You must use the 900-2Q option board with the PS900 power supplies to operate the QEL devices.  The attached ta...
Use the PS902-2RS power supply with LCN auto operator on single door, PS904-2RS power supply on double door and PS904/906-2RS-2RS for 2 pair of QELA is required for basic operation with a...
The Von Duprin PS914-2RS retracts the EL or QEL device approximately 200 times with five second hold time after each pull.