can you add lx


The Von Duprin RXLX combination switch must be ordered together as one assembly. Existing RX or LX switch must be removed to install the combination RX LX switch. Make sure correct RX LX combinatio...
The Von Duprin LX kit would have a rod included in the kit.  The EL-LX switch kit does not include the rod as the EL dogging rod is used.
If device backset is correct, replacing the device center case & center case cover with a F-24-R to add deadlocking to the latchbolt.  Parts to the F-24R center case & cover can b...
There is no EL conversion kit for a 2390, the device will need to be replaced.
The 330 must be ordered as a RX330 to have the RX switch.  You can NOT add a RX to an existing dummy 330 bar.