Can we order FSA trim with blank escutcheon


We have several blank trims listed in the price book to cover existing trim prep in door.  DEVICE EO TRIM   22  230EO  88  880EO   98/99  990EO or 996EO*  33A/35A Rim, 33/3...
The 996EO trim is just the plate without the lever and cylinder hole
There is no FSA/FSE electrified trim option for the Flacon 24 Series device.
The FSA/FSE 510L trim is only available in 24Vdc.
The Schlage L0170 is not available with the L escutcheon design because due to the narrow size you cannot fit the mounting plate underneath.  The mounting plate must sit on a "diamon...
The Danmark levers were available in rose trim only.
See image, ANSI A115.1 Mortise Lock Prep   This door prep requires the N escutcheon with the L283-029 spacer kit to keep the springcage from falling into the door.&nbs...