can labeled center case covers be replaced


Von Duprin does not offer the old two piece center case cover any longer. The new center case cover will work on the old two piece cover device. Order the following parts: New 1-piece cover ...
19-R part# 650384 19-V part# 650385
The new 33A/35A center case will not work with the old 33/35 series exit devices.   It is never intended to use parts to convert a device from one Series to another Series as this w...
These dimensions and other general lock case dimensions can be found on template L1.  
19-R centercase part number is 650307. F-19-R centercase part #650374.
The UL fire label is only applied to the device center case cover at the factory when the device is built.  This label can not be sold or replaced with a new one.
The (2) mounting studs on the 914KIL or 914KIL-IC changed from 3 1/2" center to center to 4 1/2" CTC in April 2002 to follow a device center case change. Due to this, an older device prior to April...