can i use an Electric trim for chex-it


The E996L-FSE trim is needed if the application requires fail-secure operation from the trim side of the opening. When power is out on Chexit device, E996L-FSE trim will remain locked to ...
The Von Duprin E996L electric trim is field reversible. See attached 996L installation instructions on page 2 for rehanding procedure.  996L Installation Instructions
There is not a K hub on the 19R or a 19V as the device uses a main cam.
The LP1000 series Kabba Simplex trim will not work with the 19 series devices.
The Schlage AD/CO trims are not compatible with the Falcon 25-V device due to the main cam on the device rotating the opposite direction for a given hand compared to the AD/CO trims output dri...
The VR 810NL-V or VR 814NL-V is used on both the 25-R & 25-V devices.