can electric strikes be used on double egress doors


Von Duprin 6223 electric strike is the most common closed back strike or the 6221 for open back strike on inactive leaf that can be used with Schlage L9000 or Von Duprin 7500 mortise lock.
The overhead concealed operators (2850/2860) will not work on a Double Egress frame because the doors are not in the same plane. You will have to use the surface mount (9553 / 9563) on Double Egres...
Yes, wood doors can be used and installed in most hollow metal frame applications including FE-Series and DE-Series Double Egress frames. Caution - For fire rated applications the wood door manufa...
The backset for a 98/99 rim PANIC device with 1609 strike is 2 3/8" from center of the opening to center line of the device. See template
The Von Duprin 5100 electric strike is not for fire rated applications.