Blade stop part number for LCN closer


010055-xx is the part number for Blade Stop Shim kit for 6111 or 6113 electric strike and it must be ordered separately.  xx is for the finish callout.
The LCN 6030 is a Double Acting (or dual action) closer. Requires a "Cased Open Frame" - that means no stops formed in the frame.
The LCN -61 Blade Stop Spacer is powder coated steel and measures 4" x 1 1/8" x 1/2" (overall dimensions).
The LCN "Traditional" series closer line was discontinued in 1980.  
The date is a 4 digit #. The first 2 numbers indicate the week it was made, and the last 2 numbers indicate what year it was made. On most surface mounted closers, the model #,  date code, ...
Because of the new extended LCN warranties and the desire to be consistent across the entire Allegion premium brands, LCN will be moving away from offering an out-of-warranty repair service beginni...
The part number is: 1461-3071 for the door closer cylinder body.
The 4040/4041 closers have been replaced with the 4040XP closer. The 4040XP cylinder replaces all the older versions. There are 2 cylinder "only" option's for the 4040XP series. The 4040XP-3071(...