back up battery


Battery backup can be added to the PS900 series power supplies. Order the 900-BBK to get the battery backup board and batteries for field installation.
Attached table provides how long the battery back up will last with a PS914 power supply. Load (Amp DC) Battery backup time Comments 0.3 Amp 20 hours Continuous load ...
Attached are the MSDS (material safety data sheet) of the three different manufacturers of batteries for the 900-BB battery backup.   MSDS for 900-BB
Some transformers in the power supplies provide a little humming noise and that is normal. If the humming in Von Duprin PS873 power supply is loud follow these steps. Remove the load from the outp...
See  Board Differences Battery Backup Circuitry  for a picture of the visual differences between a F-Series biometric handreader with a main board that has the battery backup ci...