auto operator for high traffic


The Senior Swing 9500 or 2800 series operator is designed to for "High Traffic - High Abuse" areas.
The 4630/4640 Series operator is designed/recommended for a door that will see mostly manual traffic with the occasion automatic/ handicap operation.
DW/K-Series frames (Drywall Slip-On) are not recommended for installation in high traffic areas. DW/K-Series frames are installed in interior stud walls after the wall board is installed and ...
The recommended application for the 9100 series Benchmark operator is low traffic exterior doors, or low/moderate traffic interior doors. The Benchmark series operator "is not" recommended for use ...
The 4041/4040XP is a heavy duty door closer, designed for high traffic areas.
ElectroMechanical Automatic Operators are designed to automatically open when activated. The Benchmark Series are Medium Duty "Commercial" automatic operators, often used on of...
This is not possible.  Due to the device's 16 Amp in-rush it would require it's own PS914-2RS which will power 1 or 2 devices.