are Torx screw supplied with anti-ligature trim


Torx screws are not standard on the SL1/SK1 trim but are available as an option. Specify the L283-121 Torx screw pack.  This pack includes torx screws for the armor and strike. 
(2) #10-24 X 1.0  TORX OVAL HEAD MACHINE SCREW, FINISHED (2) SCREW, 8-32 X 3/4 MS PIN TORX (1) SCREW, 8-32 X 1 MS PIN TORX (2) SCREW, 8-32 X 7/8 MS PIN TORX
The Schlage SL1 ligature resistant lever is designed to break-away between 100 and 200 inch-pounds.  The lever will rotate at this point but not allow access.
All Von Duprin 98 and 99 trims include screws for both 1 3/4" and 2 1/4" thick doors.
When ordering inside escutcheons as a separate part, they include a pack of two screws for the standard door thickness (1-3/4").
Von Duprin 98/99 NL drive screw is located in back of the 98/99 center case assembly. NL drive screw should be left in with trim lock slide plate in up position in the 98/99 exit device with E99...