are AL locks handed


The AL series product line does not use any parts that requires prior knowledge of the door handing.  
The 09-900 mortise cylinder thumbturn has three handing options: right hand, left hand, and non-handed.  Handing of the cylinder is done by a check ball and spring placed in the housing a...
Also applies to the 09-900 XL12-196 mortise cylinder coin turn.
The RU lock is factory handed for a Left hand or Right hand door.   For reverse handing ( Left hand reverse and Right hand reverse doors) see step 9 of the installation instructions for rehanding d...
The MA lock is field reversible.  The process involves three potential steps depending on what hand is needed. Rotating latchbolt - Changes swing of lock.  ex (RH to RHR) or inswing vs outswing ...
See table below for part numbers. Table 1: 09-900 part number variations
The Flair design handing must be specified when ordering a complete lock or just the lever.
The AL series lock fits up to 1 7/8” door thickness out of box.