alx springlatch sleeve


See below for commonly requested dimensions on the MA lock.  Dimensions not found in other literature have a square around them. CL refers to "Centerline".  
These dimensions and other general lock case dimensions can be found on template L1.  
The part number for 88 rim end case spring is 090003-00 (PKG of 2) or 090080-00 (PKG of 10) and latch tail spring is 050393-00 (PKG of 10).
AL series and ALX series latches are specifically designed for use with their respective lock series and cannot be used interchangeably.
The AL-series latch bolt bar only moves 3/8" which can cause problems if used with the ALX-series.
The Falcon W series latch was not design or tested for use with the Schlage ALX lock. The W-series latch may fit, but the ALX latch is specifically designed for functionality and performance in the...
No.  The latch monitor switch of the 6400 cannot be mounted inside the sleeve of the deadbolt keeper.  Additionally, the deadbolt could damage tripper of the switch.
The part number for 98/9927 bottom latch less cover is 050401-00 and the latch case cover is 050566-xx.
See the link to a video instruction, Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device Adjustment.Manual steps:Open door and release top latch bolt by inserting a screw driver in the hole at the top of the d...