All weather fluid for LCN closers


The fluid in an LCN closer must not be refilled in the field. See attached Warranty and Repair Communication 
The LCN closer fluid "Liquid X" will perform without variation between:  -30° F to +120° F - for manual closers.  +35° F to +120° F - for electrical closers and automatic operators. At around ...
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  Product shipped on or after Feb. 8th, 2016 The "3034" and "3034H" are internal part designation that LCN uses to specify regular (3034) and hold open ...
On Feb 8th, 2016 - LCN launched the redesign of the Hold open clip which changed multiple components of our Track style closers, including the roller, track, hold open clip, and bumper.   
LCN does not recommend this type of installation, and has never sold a coupler to do this.
For LCN Cast Iron Closers, the 4050A, and Falcon SC closers it is (1 3/4") wide, (1 1/2") tall and (1 1/2") deep For 1250 and 1450 LCN Alum body Closers it is (2") wide, (1 1/2") tall and (1 1/2"...
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