ALK Part Numbers


The Falcon T Series lock does not have an RX switch available.
The Exit Alarm takes a 1 1/8" Mortise cylinder with a straight cam. See first page of Exit Alarm inst below. Exit Alarm inst
A low battery could cause the exit alarm ALK to chirp.  Replace the battery and if it is  still chirping, then replace the circuit board part number 101030-00.
If the green terminal block has been broken off of the exit alarm ALK you must replace the exit alarm ALK PC board part number 101030-00.
Followings are the reason for 98/99 exit alarm ALK not sound when push bar is activated. Make sure key switch on exit alarm ALK is turned on, wait for 20 seconds before you activating the pushba...
The sign for exit alarm, ALK, is SIGN-1.
PCB only for the Alarm Kits prior to June 11th, 2012 is part #650335 and was used in the older 17 & 18 devices, 19, & pre June 2012 24/25's.
This circuit board will NOT work on the updated 24/25 Alarm Kits that released June 11th, 2012.