alk electronic trim


The ALK exit alarm will sound when the exterior trim is used to enter from pull side without using access control when an LX latch bolt monitor switch is used instead of RX push bar monitor switch.
EL is Electric latch retraction and retract the latch bolt into the exit device center case.  E references the electric unlocking of the Pull Side trim for a Panic Device.   With the E function, th...
Application is based on how the door will be used.   Please contact Product Support at 877-671-7011 to discuss your application and select the correct device for your opening.
PCB only for the Alarm Kits prior to June 11th, 2012 is part #650335 and was used in the older 17 & 18 devices, 19, & pre June 2012 24/25's.
This circuit board will NOT work on the updated 24/25 Alarm Kits that released June 11th, 2012.
The new exit alarm ALK uses the 24VDC regulated PS902 power supply.