al lock instructions


Changing the plunger assembly on the AL-Series requires disassembling the chassis.  Refer to Plunger Assembly Instructions for guidance.
The easiest method to obtain an AL lock for a 2" door is to specify a 2" thick door when ordering.  
Part required by function:2 each A700-043 driver & A700-034** lever insert in addition to the chassis parts below:AL10S – 2 hubs A700-028AL25D – 2 hubs 1 A700-028 (inside), 1 A700-030 (outside)...
The AL series lock fits up to 1 7/8” door thickness out of box.
The AL lock is a Grade 2 lock ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2003, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door.
You can not install the S lever onto an AL lock.  The AL and S lever trim is not compatible with each other.
The Schlage AL-Series SFIC locks require one (1) small format spacer (D500-000) for 7-pin cores and two (2) small format spacers for 6-pin cores.  When these spacers are not ins...
The lever may be missing the slot feature for the core locking lug.  Verify slot is in place.