AL extension kit


 8827 vertical rod device is available for 7 or 8 feet tall door standard. 12", 24", 36" and 48" extension rod kits are available for taller doors (8 feet max on fire rated openings). We do no...
The easiest method to obtain an AL lock for a 2" door is to specify a 2" thick door when ordering.  
Part required by function:2 each A700-043 driver & A700-034** lever insert in addition to the chassis parts below:AL10S – 2 hubs A700-028AL25D – 2 hubs 1 A700-028 (inside), 1 A700-030 (outside)...
The magnet extensions can be used with both the SEM 7800 and the SEM1900 magnets. To add extensions to the SEM series magnets, you "MUST" start with the 7810-514 coupler kit. The coupler kit pro...
Up to 8' replace the top rod with part # 4270100018. 
From 8' to 9' use the part # 4270100172 extension rod kit
From 9' to 10' use part # 4270100197 extension rod kit. 
A and AL product: Must use the 2 3/8" backset with the 41-005 extension link D Knob and ND product: Must use the 2 3/4" backset with the 43-005 extension link