Adjusting closure strength


  How to:  What are the steps to adjust a door closer?   Facts: All LCN and FALCON door closers will have 3 regulating valves and a spring adjustment.  All cl...
Yes, the spring torque on 3SP1 butt hinge is adjustable.   See the 3SP1 instructions:  
The holding force on an SE/ME Series door closer is approximately 35 lbs. and they can be manually pulled out of hold open with approximately 35 lbs of force. 
The hydraulic closer underneath the control box has 3 regulating valves (like any 4040 series hydraulic closer). Main Speed - adjust closing speed from 90° open down to 10°. Latch Speed - adju...
The size 6 handed closers will have the most (strongest) closing force. The 4016 (pull side), the 4026 (top jamb push side) or the 4116  (push side parallel arm)  have the highest closing force.
The standard door range for an AL lock is 1 3/8" to 1 7/8".  Using the supplied instruction sheet, align the springcage post to desired door thickness by adjusting the outside castle nut. See inst...