The minimum stile and rail dimensions are to exposed glass are: Stiles = 6 13/16" Top Rails = 6 3/4" Center Rails = 7 1/2" Bottom Rail = 10 3/4" For high traffic and high abuse locations th...
Rail; Door Componet, Top Rail, Center Rail
The minimum clear opening width for ADA is 32" measured from face of door opened to 90 degrees to face of stop on strike jamb. There must be no hardware mounted to the door projectin...
Minimum dimensions to cutouts for glass lights: Vertical edge of door to edge of cutout = 5 29/32" Top of door to top of cutout = 6" Bottom of door to bottom of cutout = 10" Reinforcing chann...
The 1461 Rw/PA requires a 4-3/8" minimum top rail on the door without the use of a drop plate.  If top rail is less than 4-3/8" a 1460-18PA drop plate will have to be used.
The minimum top rail required to mount a 4110 closer is 5-1/8" measured from the stop of the frame. If the top rail is less than 5-1/8" the 4110-18 drop plate is required.
4640 Flush Ceiling mounting requires a minimum 1-3/4" Header, and a minimum 3-3/4" Top Rail on the door.
Rail, FG2, FG3; Top Rail, Bottom Rail
Bottom Rail, Center Rail, Top Rail; stile