AD battery drain


Causes for AA battery drain in AD-Series LOCKS Possible Cause Fix/Corrective Action 1)      One the four (or eight) AA was inserted reversed and the rese...
All Keypad ONLY credentials with firmware versions between 2.9.2 and 2.11.0 should be updated to the latest firmware available at www.schlage,com/support.
A firmware issue with Keypad ONLY credential firmware, versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0 and manufactured between 9-9-2010 and 1-5-2011 will exhibit poor battery life.
The Keypad ONLY credential Reader (KP) can prevent the reader from entering its low power sleep mode - with firmware versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0
A Technical Note has been generated to document one method of measuring battery current. See the attachment HERE.
Causes for AA battery drain in CO-Series LOCKS - Possible Cause Fix/Corrective Actions  One of the four AA batteries was inserted reversed and the reserved battery drains the other batteries. ...
Use a multi-meter in series with the batteries to measure battery current.  Be sure your multi-meter can accurately measure very low current, in the micro-amp range. See the attached Technical Not...