tubular pneumatic closer


The pneumatic operators are designed to function with an input air pressure to the 7901/7902 Series control box of 80 (min) 100 (max) PSI, and an output pressure of 60 to 80 PSI to the pneumatic (2...
The maximum 925 tubing run length from the Control Box to the Door Closer is:  7980 Series Control Boxes --- 50 "Linear" feet from Control Box to Door Closer.  7900/7940 Series Control Boxes --...
 Pneumatic Automatic Operators are used in areas where electrically operated devices are not convenient or permitted.  Consists of a modified, heavy-duty door closer for manual oper...
4810 series is a Top Jamb Pull Side application. 4820 series is a Top Jamb Push Side application. 4840 series is a Parallel Arm Push Side application.
The 4840 and the 4810 are they only cylinders that can be interchanged, they use the same cylinder for their individual applications.
The sequence card part number is 3426 and plugs in the "S" slot of a control boxes right next to the 10 pin terminal strip. The 7902/7902ES or 7982/7982ES can be converted to a 7902S/7902SES or 79...
The Von Duprin Pneumatic PN98/99 series exit devices feature provides remote latch bolt retraction in hazardous areas where electrically operated devices would not be permitted.
The Von Duprin Pneumatic or "PN" device was designed for Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1 applications.
PN33/35/98/99 Pneumatic exit devices are not usually used with RX or LX switches since the Pneumatic PN device is used instead EL to eliminate the electric from the device.