power supply location and voltage drop


Following items could cause the DC output on PS914 series power supply to drop when access control is activated. Wrong gauge wire from power supply to the the power transfer. Excessive wire run...
EPT installation guidelines are as follows: Recommended location is 6" below top hinge per template Steelcraft will locate the power transfer prep at the Von Duprin recommended template locati...
The following items may cause the  PS900 series power supply to have no DC output voltage. 1. If  the DC voltage selection jumper is missing, the power supply will not provide any D...
The standard  PS900 series power supplies can be powered with 120-240 VAC.
As of Feb. 23rd 2011 Falcon RDS-2 power supply has been discontinued and no longer available.
The older ELR 17/18 device would have to replaced with a new EL-24/25 device and use the PS914 with either the 900-2RS or 900-4RL board.