My old Chexit did not require an Electronic trim does new require


The 33/35 series can be replaced with 33A/35A with a small modification to the door.  See the template, 33A Retrofit Preparation, for the necessary modification to the door and ...
The old style 33/35 exit device trims will not function with the newer "33A/35A" exit devices and newer style trims will not work with the older 33/35 exit devices.
When CX99L-BE is not armed with key cylinder on the device or shunted by card reader, the exterior 996LBE lever trim will release.
No, the back plate for 880K-knob trim is the same as for 373L-lever trim. Since 373L is a narrow style trim it require to use the 889 cover plate with this trim.
A thumbpiece, knob or lever trim left in the unlock position would be locked when the Chexit is armed and unlock when the Chexit device is disarmed. To keep the outside trim in the lock p...
You can not use these options together on the same device per the following reasons: QEL/EL device retracts the latch bolt of the exit device allowing entry. CX (Chexit) device locks the p...
You can use the E996L electric trim with Chexit 98/99 series exit device.