maintenance instructions for hinges


Please see  Glynn-Johnson and Ives Care and Maintenance instructionsOnce the link opens there will be an attachment to "click" on.
Please see the Maintenance Kit Manual for information on device lubrication as well as complete breakdowns and parts lists for Von Duprin exit devices.Exit devices and latc...
Steelcraft uses a 7 gage hinge reinforcement for 4 1/2" and 5" butt hinges as standard on all frame series. The hinge reinforcement size for either 4 1/2" or 5" hinges (standard or heavy duty hing...
Swing clear hinges are available with TW (through wire).
Use mounting group 2 per templates below when a GJ 100 and 410 series overheads are used with continues hinges. 100 series overhead instructions 410 series overhead instructions
Hinge manufacturers do not require or recommend that doors should be reinforced for continuous hinges. Steelcraft does not reinforce for continuous hinges unless it is specified on the customers' P...